wordpirate (wordpirate) wrote,


The sky
is not so high
it stretches all the way
to the ground

don't look up
look down
at what can be found
at what's still standing
at the feet of our fathers

as if we could pick up our own feet in the now
as if we could run fast enough to escape
outstretch our arms
flattened like ambition after a thousand failures
to find some kind of lift
through running away

Run fast enough and far enough and you can soar in the present
careen through life
rising high on the heat and flames below

catastrophe can be your updraft
until you are just a tiny tranquil speck, black against an infinite blue
drifting sidelong
how long
'til your wings give out

and make it kinetic

a man crashing down
with all the energy of his life
to explode

this had been a man
this metalcrashing soul

and there on the sea
amidst all that should be soaring
amidst fire and smoke
my grandfather desperately fought him
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