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The · Word · Pirate

Just a drop of her

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ripple ripple ripple
wondering whirling
towards some edge-lorn eddy
how every bit of what was once steady
lost now in your flowing
down never knowing

how enough moments stumbling

can look so still

wavering mid-plummet
lit in warmth and motion
above whim and wave
seen yet from the summit

and yet

you are no lady of an arid sun,
mad madam of insistent ocean!
you bide no sudden lunge to that frothing gulf
no more than a lonely lens defies the night
magnifying the tide of some distant spark
to near merest light
in a hopeless dark


I still take some cheer
in that
ceaseless plunge
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On August 21st, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC), wordpirate commented:
bah, ruined my formatting. so be it.
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