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The · Word · Pirate

Had a gun

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Dress up like an old man in England
hunched over winter jacket out to get the mail
then the laugh, a wolf pack preen pose agedstrutswagger
ten postureproudknives flashing whatchagonnado
oldmanrisesUP nowordswarnjustfisticuffs--atthejaw tossingnecks
never old never young just consequence as punches
whatdidyouexpect, come howling
surprise?!!  YOU AREN'T EVEN TRYING!
I killed a hundred men younger than you
and roared as they were dying
I am the bear, you call and I come
are you having fun?
a porch covered in letters
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On September 2nd, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC), lordbrand commented:
this was a bit prescient, eh?
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