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The · Word · Pirate

Fine Dining

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Wait a minute here
You asked me to act like an animal
So I did
reached out
with my hand
and gave you a bit
of my world
I kept my fingertips tight
it felt right

this was a fight

I didn't care if you hit back
I didn't care about a second act
fuck all that grist

this was a dedicated fist

I swung
I committed
I missed!

this seemed so funny
I found myself on the floor
tossed out the door
my head spinning the world a roar
down on all fours

making like a lion
looking for his pride

so sauntered back inside
all hi's to the hyenas
slipped the bouncer a bill
moved in for my kill
feeling vicious

ordered a big steak
best bottle of wine
so rare and delicious

I can't even hear you
I am so near you.
* * *

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